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Everyone should watch this show

Everyone should watch this show

12 Feb 13 at 8 pm

I’m gonna try tumblr again!

I’m gonna try tumblr again!
23 Jun 12 at 2 am

I could listen to this all day.

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you are soooooooooo gay


 I fought so violently and eternally

I absolved so readily and holistically

winter rode upon me with reigns so bipolar

the dampened coal grew massive

Her power absolute

Her world so imperfect

Her glare never ending

shadows clung to my soul

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Awesomeness!!!: First draft of an organic poem I wrote




forever alone 

Lets Be Forever Alone Together!!

 the middle kid…

I’m that fucking middle kid.

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19 Jul 11 at 11 pm

mmm ice cream

mmm ice cream

So my best friend has a connection that got us free comic con tickets (legally) for the past 3 years, but unfortunately this year our connection decided to combo breaker us and now we don’t get to go this year.  Even after all the bullshit of junior year it still doesn’t get better oh well looks like next year we are buying our tickets… awesome.

16 Jul 11 at 2 pm

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Shinji Miyazaki
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While I am not much of a fan of the series I spent Thursday night watching 6 hours of Harry, almost walked home at 2 am, and then spent all of Friday sleeping to recover from the Harry Potter Finale Fever.  Now that the storm has settled I can chill as usual and enjoy a nice breakfast burrito :)